Webinar: How to avoid pitfalls when implementing new CRE technology

Implementing new technology can be a daunting task. In this webinar we walk you through how we onboard new clients, mitigate pain points and take ownership of the process.

What is RealINSIGHT?

RealINSIGHT is a web-based, life of the loan, asset management technology that handles every debt structure, every asset class, every commercial real estate property type taking you from origination, to underwriting, to asset management, to surveillance, to special servicing, to default management and disposition. It also includes the ability to integrate with any type of accounting system, any type of primary servicing or cash management, across both private debt and securitized products.


Why do I need CRE real estate asset management software?

Many firms are stuck managing their entire business in excel, or multiple systems. They may have a lack of standardization in workflow, reporting and process. As firms grow the need for standardization becomes more important to scale. A technology like RealINSIGHT allows firms to grow exponentially. Immediate access to complex reporting allows instant answers to questions about risks or exposure.


How to avoid pitfalls in CRE technology implementation

Implementing and onboarding a new technology can feel very daunting. We want to be up front and show how we partner with our clients so that they can achieve their goals.  We understand that your business is complicated. We have been successful working with large clients for decades and our secret sauce is our people and our processes.  RealINSIGHT employs   over 50 experts across technology, product data, and various disciplines to make our technology run efficiently and help our clients. This highly skilled team has been involved in many different implementations and draws on our experience to avoid common pitfalls in the commercial real estate technology implementation process.


How to transform your CRE finance business

By implementing RealINSIGHT, all your data is in once place and standardized. This makes reporting and visualizing your data very easy. For example, on this screen we have a geographic map of Florida, mapped out using FEMA data to locate properties affected by recent hurricanes. This map would not be possible without clean standardized data, from multiple sources. what you’ll see here requires good data, which Jordan we’ll get into how you get data into real insight, how you map it out using workbenches and other features in terms of geocode. Cleaning your data can be overwhelming, especially when it is in different locations.

So, how do we make sure that everything is smoothly transitioned? How do we make sure that nothing is missing? Our team of client success managers, engage directly with the clients. It is our job to become an expert on your specific workflow. We understand where your data is coming from, how your workflows operate, how internal and external communication works, and if you need automated reports or modelling. We spend a lot of time learning everything we can about your business so that you can use RealINSIGHT as a tool to improve your day-to-day activities.


We have a very standard process of getting a client implemented. We have numerous training modules that we put new clients on, so they can become experts on using the system themselves. Post implementation, you will always have the client success managers at your disposal. If you ever have a question, if you ever have a concern, if you ever want a new thing done in the system that you haven’t done before, you have a group of to come in and help you execute that.


Getting Data into RealINSIGHT

Our data services team is responsible really for implementation and data integration. Our goal is to get different pieces of data into RealINSIGHT. How we achieve this is through a process that we break down into a few tasks, the first of which is that we identify your data. Taking an inventory of your data repositories, whether they’re spreadsheets, customer databases, or systems that you might host yourself such as middle and enterprise FCS, or a host of systems is an important first step. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in integrating data into our system. Regardless of where that data is coming from, we work directly with you or even directly with the servicers hosting that data to facilitate the secure transfer of that data over into our system. Sometimes we aggregate multiple systems and as up can understand, it’s a very dynamic process.


Once we have your data, we perform a data mapping process, where we work with you again, to tie in the data points from your system or multiple systems into the RealINSIGHT platform. We leverage a proprietary data integrator module, which resides within RealINSIGHT. This allows detailed control of the data mapping process. It also allows us to perform translation of custom fields, fully automated data loading jobs, all kinds of very useful tools. Whether you are doing a one-time data migration or require daily updates from your systems, or even from a third-party system, via an API, we are flexible to meet your needs.


Throughout this process, we use robust reporting systems to perform quality control over the data, because we want to ensure that the data is loaded properly. After we have loaded the data into the platform, you will start working with our client training and configuration team.


Onboarding with RealINSIGHT

When we start onboarding, RealINSIGHT work directly with the users and we start training sessions to get familiar with the site navigation, screens and what it means. Roles and permissions are defined as different people will be doing different things in the system. We start configuring and customizing the homepage to each specific role. Setting up of workflows and instituting alerts are all set up and action item lists are compiled for each unique role in your organization. Alerts are set up through the calendar features.


Dashboards are created to monitor roles and action items. These workflows allow complete visibility into your process and ensures that you can see and stop issues before they arise. The workbench allows your employees to see what they must do, by showing the relevant data points to each role, users are not overwhelmed, and efficiency is increased.


Our modeling capabilities really creating flexibility without variability. You can edit your models and reports so that are they are exactly how you want them.  We have extensive data processing engines that will take a few lines of data and produce nice outputs that we can obviously slide into models that we build of we can teach you how to build them. But the important thing is, all of this is logic, all the math, is unique to you.


Why use RealINSIGHT instead of your current CRE loan origination software?

Just having the data in spreadsheets and just having the data at your fingertips now isn’t quite good enough, being able to understand it, asking robust questions of that data, you must have a complete understanding to make your next move. The beauty of RealINSIGHT is that we give you the tools to ask those questions.