Data, Functionality, and Proactive Thinking: Why you need CRE asset management and loan origination software

Big data in commercial real estate lending

Every investment has hundreds of data points, multiple stakeholders and a daily flow of critical decisions. RealINSIGHT captures all of it, housing all your internal and external data in one data warehouse adding a layer of actionable intelligence.

Functionality with external systems

RealINSIGHT collaborates with your existing systems to create automated feeds from accounting, loan servicing and more. This keeps fresh data flowing and integrates tightly with Excel. With RealINSIGHT, you can maximize your workflow and increase productivity.

Think Proactively

What’s the cost of a missed opportunity? How much time do you spend organizing your data? Shouldn’t that time be spent generating new business? Commercial real estate lending is a high-stakes world with big rewards … and big risks. RealINSIGHT gives you a detailed view of your portfolio and allows you to make quicker, informed decisions.