Software for Commercial Real Estate Investors

Manage Your
CRE Investments

Execute Your Business Plan

Most commercial real estate investors struggle to find attractive, profitable investment opportunities accurately and efficiently. RealINSIGHT software for CRE investors makes it easy to manage multiple projects at once by centralizing all the data in one place. This helps you execute your business plan on time and with less risk.

  • Track and analyze performance metrics at the individual property level
  • Filter based on any criteria, including portfolio, investor or fund
  • Centralize data from third-party vendors using robust integration tools

Share the Narrative
of Every Deal

CRE investing is about finding every way to maximize risk-adjusted upside. This is hard to do if everyone is using different tools. RealINSIGHT helps you track and delegate around standard workflows and checklists everyone can use. So, you know who’s responsible for what, by when and what’s coming next. This means fewer surprises and more projects completed on time.

  • Analyze leases, rent rolls, CapEx, TI/LC reserves and other escrows
  • Create capital plans and benchmark budget with real time variance analysis
  • Create checklists and tasks to track accountability for all parties
  • Integrate cash flows, valuations and accounting systems

Work The Way
You Like to Work

CRE investors often get stuck relying on a combination of accounting software and Excel. This means too much time spent on data collection, hardcoding and manipulation to make sense of it all. RealINSIGHT centralizes your data in one place, giving you answers in the format you prefer. This allows you to use the custom models, chart of accounts and specialized reports you like – without the busy work.

  • Integrate and monitor all CRE budgets and actual financial reporting packages. All at the asset, loan or portfolio level
  • Track all stabilization efforts and construction/renovation projects. Filter and track by asset, responsible person(s), tenant, asset or portfolio
  • Stay up to date on all capital projects, future funding requests and loan facility obligations

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