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Real Technology for CRE Lenders

Say goodbye to scattered Excel files, homegrown databases, emails and Word docs. Say hello to a highly functional, standardized and actionable system of record for everything to do with your debt portfolio. That's RealINSIGHT.

CRE Asset Management

Stay in Control.

Monitor your assets, cash flow projections and investor returns. Track loan, equity & collateral activity. Spot exposures and analyze details with in-depth surveillance and reporting.


Think Proactively.

Utilize rules-based monitoring to ensure regulatory and financial compliance. Ensure proper and timely approvals, automated reminders of critical events, and proactive notifications when something needs your attention.

Alerts & Notifications

The Center of Your Lending Workflow.

RealINSIGHT doesn't replace your existing systems. It uses them. Create automated feeds from accounting, loan servicing and more to keep fresh data flowing, and integrate tightly with Excel. With RealINSIGHT, you can make your dream workflow a reality.


Use Your Data in a Whole New Way.

Business intelligence systems rely on you to find your own insights. RealINSIGHT is different – the platform delivers insights to you, making all the CRE data you generate every day that much more valuable and actionable.

Trusted by CRE Industry Leaders

RealINSIGHT is proven in the field. Commercial real estate leaders use it every day to manage thousands of debt investments, representing billions of dollars under management.

"I can't see how anyone would be able to effectively manage CMBS bonds without RealINSIGHT!"

Lee Scholtz – VP, Asset Management, Harbor Group International

Experience the only real choice.

From origination through disposition, RealINSIGHT is the premier system for CRE lending and asset management. See it for yourself today.