Reimagining Asset Management

A revolutionary, cloud-based commercial real estate and loan platform. A game changer for asset and investment management. You will have to see it to believe it.


Asset management software that improves portfolio performance and simplifies monitoring for a great experience.

RealINSIGHT structures your data so that it is easy to view, easy to find and easy to understand. With online charts, graphs, reports and workbenches, you are just a few clicks away from the details. Jump directly to the critical data that drives the reports and needs decisive action. Properties to Portfolios, Borrower to Loans, Investors to Positions, Teams to Assignments. Establish connections and move between related records to ensure you keep an eye on the big picture while digging into the details.

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  • Ensure regulatory and financial submission compliance.
  • Management uses the rules-based monitoring systems to ensure PSA compliance, proper and timely approvals, automated notifications when critical events occur and keep users informed of situations that need their attention.
  • Custom reports and analytics keep management on top of the portfolio and trends in asset and team performance.
  • Asset Managers can carry a larger load by leveraging the power of a full function loan and property surveillance database to monitor asset performance, third party reports and expenses, create business plans and manage to-do lists.
  • The database can be updated monthly by importing data files.
  • Track borrower consent requests.
  • Stay in touch with asset critical performance indicators, cash flow projections, and investor returns.
  • Track the details of loan, equity, and collateral activity and roll up the results to perform top level analysis and reporting.
  • Senior managers can review performance updates, see portfolio overview trends by product, manager, fund, or investor.
  • Manage Fund-Level investments from several different angles.
  • Work from the loan and property explorers to manage the details of Fund investments.
  • Manage the Deal to setup the entire financial picture, build the capital stack and record Fund ownership positions.
  • From the Fund view, review summary of investment positions to monitor high-level performance and exposure and then drill down to the details.


Investors, Owners, Lenders, Managers and Servicers.

  • Oversee and manage the underwriting process.
  • Quickly view your own loan summary, risk rating, and refinanced valuation models.
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RealINSIGHT turns raw data into actionable information, allowing you to successfully manage your investments.

Your own analysts can design and manage reports using virtually any set of fields in the system and then view them through various parameters. And since RealINSIGHT is built in the cloud with industry-leading security, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your assets.

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Manageable Data

  • Create automated feeds from systems such as Accounting and Loan Servicings.
  • Import data directly from your data warehouse to match critical fields.

Secure Technology

  • Built in the cloud with industry leading security.
  • All configurations are self-contained in your own databases, keeping custom content safe and secure.

Customizable Content

  • Import your own custom Excel templates and map data in and out of the templates.
  • Custom Schema settings allow you to create your own data fields.


An exciting new sales platform for commercial real estate!

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