Cloud-Based CRE Loan Disposition Software

Cloud-Based CRE Loan Disposition Software from RealINSIGHT

Every investment has hundreds of data points, multiple stakeholders and a daily flow of critical decisions. RealINSIGHT captures all of it, helping you identify what matters, what doesn’t and what’s next. So, you can spend less time collecting data and more time getting the insights that grow your business.

Maximize Your Investment

RealINSIGHT lets you store, search and track all the details of each investment. No more digging through notes and messy files. With your documents and models in one place, you can benchmark actuals against budget. Run real-time variance reports across scenarios. And run roll-ups based on calendar, portfolio, fund or investor group. With access to useful data, you’ll have the insights you need to maximize returns.

Turn Investments into Bigger Opportunities

RealINSIGHT provides the tools necessary to increase visibility and create more touch points. This helps you build on good relationships, close promising leads and turn away bad deals faster. Everything – from models to documents to cash flows – is available for the whole team to use. So, you can capture the full history of a transaction, from origination to disposition, and make smarter and safer investments with each new deal.

Improve Your Operational Efficiencies