Why you need CRE Lending software: Technology As A Partner To Grow Your Small Balance Lending Business

As demand for small balance loans continues to increase across the nation, firms that focus on these loans have discovered that investing in technology allows them to scale and provides a high return on investment. RealINSIGHT Software tracks the full lifecycle of the loan and is essential in order to expand and focus on servicing the increasing number of requests for small balance loans.  By reallocating time from data analysis and reporting, small balance lenders can pivot to focusing on business development.

Investments in technology have allowed those on the forefront of the commercial real estate finance industry to minimize touchpoints, reduce timelines and implement automation to improve overall efficiency.

Leveraging RealINSIGHT technology, manual tasks that took days to manually prepare now take seconds. Presenting data in a meaningful way, RealINSIGHT allows lenders to understand large amounts of data and make decisions quickly and efficiently. By viewing their portfolio’s at both the loan and macro level users can identify exposures to large number of variables and make quick decisions to mitigate risk.

In order to scale, lenders have two options, hiring additional staff or investing in technology. It is impossible to maximize profits by expanding a team without technology. By implementing RealINSIGHT software, employees can focus on generating new business instead of data entry and manually calculating reports.