Eliminating Pain Points for Regional Banks

CRE Technological Advances

As technology advances, many forward-thinking Regional Banks are adopting cloud-based software to streamline their processes. By implementing a comprehensive system with data integration, these innovative institutions are well-positioned to respond quickly when they identify changes in their portfolio. The move towards technology and automation ultimately leads to a significant decrease in risk, increased efficiency, and a rise in profits.

Standardizing Your CRE Data

Standardizing commercial real estate data across all loan types, in one central location, vastly minimizes risk for the whole company. Data entry errors are automatically identified at the beginning of the RealINSIGHT process, leading to thoughtful in-depth analysis derived from accurate data. By focusing employee time on business development, Regional Banks can focus on growing their business to compete in the high-stakes world of commercial real estate lending.

RealINSIGHT As A Data Warehouse

RealINSIGHT acts as a data warehouse, not only standardizing data but pulling in multi-structured data into a single platform that adds a layer of insight. This unparalleled insight allows for advanced analysis with the click of a button. With cloud-based technology, users can work from anywhere, focusing on what matters. By collaborating with existing systems, RealINSIGHT creates automated processes from all departments in one central location.

Custom Reporting And Compliance

With custom reporting and compliance built into RealINSIGHT, Regional Banks can be confident that their decisions are based on accurate data. Alerts, custom-required fields, notes, and calendars are all integrated to ensure nothing is missed. Automated internal and external data flows to keep the data fresh and clean at all times. Within RealINSIGHT, Regional Banks can monitor assets, model cash flows, and track loan covenants – all the while ensuring regulatory and financial compliance. RealINSIGHT provides all this and more in an intuitive, accessible, user-friendly, and fully customizable technology package.

Unparalleled Visibility Into Your CRE Debt Portfolio

With unparalleled visibility into their portfolio, RealINSIGHT gives users the tools to increase efficiencies, mitigate risk and move their business forward in an organized, confident way. The adoption of our technology allows Regional Banks to position themselves as leaders in the commercial real estate lending world, as well as innovators!