Webinar: Best technology practices for small balance lending with RealINSIGHT

Small Balance Loan best practices for navigating today’s evolving market landscape.

  • How to access your critical data, checklists and Excel models in one system of record

  • Identify your exposures to each market, tenant, sponsor and more

  • Reduce wasted time by filtering out bad deals, borrowers and terms

  • Track covenants and data points over time

  • Run sensitivities on various investments and compare the respective KPIs at once

  • Benchmark against original underwriting projections

Small Balance Lenders with RealINSIGHT

I’m Dan Linder head of sales, client engagement, and marketing for real insight. Today I’ll be presenting a live demonstration of our asset management technology that handles the life of the loan across commercial real estate, debt, and equity. Today, we will talk a little bit about how small balance lenders currently use the system, and how you can get involved and learn about our technology. RealINSIGHT is CWCapital’s proprietary cloud-based origination, underwriting, and asset management or default management technology. CWCapital is a large commercial real estate company that has been using this technology for a very long time across its entire portfolio, including a large portion of small balance, commercial real estate securities.

Today, we will go through a little bit about how data gets into the system, how people manage commercial real estate on our platform, and then how they report using RealINSIGHT.

Why CRE finance technology and software?

As firms’ deal volume increases and your business scale, it’s important to bring in the right technology that works with commercial real estate finance. The ability to manage a pipeline, look at loans that are being originated then making that data actionable is the key to making quick and informed decisions.

The only way to make data actionable is to centralize it from multiple different places, wherever it is into one space, one specific, let’s call it data warehouse or database, and then have it update on a regular basis in an accurate way.


How can I visualize my CRE data?

From the moment you login to RealINSIGHT you can visualize your information any way you like. Viewing your portfolio performance, and evaluating risk, what is your debt service range? All these questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. For example, if it was very important for you to understand your question closer to a specific guarantor or borrower, you would be able to drill down to eight loans from borrower X and examine your exposure to that borrower and then delve into that underlying information, look at that list of loans, and then drill in and see one that potentially is interesting to you.

How can I use my commercial real estate data in RealINSIGHT?

With RealINSIGHT you will have the ability to have these customizable list reports and views. Our dashboards clearly outline and highlight your fully customizable workflows. With daily updates, you are never left behind or relying on outdated information. Understanding what you need to focus on and what your employees need to focus on becomes very easy with alerts, triggers, and prompts and allows your team to scale.