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Seeing the Value of RealINSIGHT

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As one of the largest special servicers in the United States, CWCapital sees the value of clear focus and consistent, process-based decision making.  For more than ten years, CWCapital has partnered with RealINSIGHT; using the platform to transform the way they run the business of managing billions of dollars of loans and real estate: highly focused on information, automation, consistency, process and compliance.

In 2012, CWCapital acquired RealINSIGHT, making the platform and service that CWCapital has come to depend on available to the industry.

RealINSIGHT is a perfect blend of expertise and experience: real estate, management, finance, and software. This combination of skillsets creates a robust asset management platform with a unique perspective to how technology delivers value and leverages the power of your business.

Wondering what impact RealINSIGHT could have on your business? Contact us today for a free consultation on your situation and how RealINSIGHT can help you transform your business.