RealINSIGHT Advances Product Features for Its CRE Software Solution

RealINSIGHT, the leading software solution for commercial real estate lenders, investors and servicers, recently increased the speed and ease-of-use of its CRE software solution. Advanced Search and Global Navigation were updated to allow for faster retrieval of data and documents.

“RealINSIGHT is constantly evolving thanks to direct feedback from our customers,” says James Shevlin, President and COO. “They know that accuracy and speed are the difference between winning and losing in this competitive environment and RealINSIGHT helps them gain insights faster. That’s why we are proud to release these fantastic new capabilities.”

Advanced Search: The function is improved to make it simple to search by category, and search performance speed has dramatically increased for standard and map-based searches.

Global Navigation: Two updates are the improved organization of menus throughout the system and the ability to quickly jump to related screens to simultaneously view live data in multiple tabs, browsers or monitors.

The latest version of the RealINSIGHT software also includes additions and enhancements to reporting, dashboard analytics, modeling and data integration capabilities. Plus, the amount of data fields tracked for credit facility and loan disbursement management were expanded.

Commercial real estate leaders use RealINSIGHT software every day to manage thousands of debt investments, representing billions of dollars under management. RealINSIGHT is designed to handle CRE assets from securitization, origination and underwriting through surveillance, asset management and disposition. RealINSIGHT supports all CRE products, from commercial mortgage-backed securities to construction, mezzanine, bridge and transition loans.


RealINSIGHT, a software solution built by real industry experts, is the only real choice that commercial real estate lenders, investors and servicers value and trust. Implemented by some of the most active lenders and largest financial service firms in the world – including its affiliate company CWCapital – RealINSIGHT provides CRE professionals with a modern cloud-based platform designed to streamline workflows and effectively manage all aspects of their debt investments. The RealINSIGHT system can handle everything from securitized products like CMBS, CLOs, and Agency to construction, mezzanine, bridge loans and other transitional debt. RealINSIGHT is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland with offices in Dallas, Texas and New York.

To learn more, visit the company at or follow RealINSIGHT on LinkedIn.

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