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    RealINSIGHT provides industry-leading business applications and custom-developed software.

    Advanced Commercial Asset Management with CAMS.
    CAMS is a full-function Loan and Real Estate Acquisition, Management, Workout and reporting System (supports Performing, Distressed/Troubled Asset Portfolios and Special Servicing and Surveillance requirements); provides key tracking data, reports, compliance and interfaces for servicing; and is designed to be integrated with servicer, accounting and third party data and can be customized to fit your needs so you can run your portfolio YOUR way.
    Considering buying, managing or servicing distressed assets? Contact us today to learn how CAMS can help.

    Deploy Data-Enabled Spreadsheet Models over the Web with RealBRIDGE.
    A Powerful Modeling Tool for developing spreadsheet-based business models and eliminating the need for hard-coded links, macros or query language skills. RealBRIDGE Supports MS-Excel Models and Users and represents the next logical step in managing business models. Keep the flexibility of a spreadsheet and get the power of a database and the reach of the Internet without giving up control of the business model.

    Specialized applications Custom Built for your needs.
    Your business is unique, so are your needs. When purchased software doesn't meet your requirements, whether mission critical, enterprise reporting, management analysis, data warehouse, or any other need, we work with you to develop a unique solution that is right for you and meets your needs exactly.

    In addition, through its parent company, CWFS Insight, RealINSIGHT provides a variety of asset management, business and information technology services to ensure successful solutions.

    Full Spectrum of Management and Consulting Services.
    Systems improvements are driven and preceded by changing business needs. When systems are implemented successfully, it is because they have been properly supported with management services. RealINSIGHT consults on management issues, defining client needs, evaluating client options and implementing business solutions.
    • Corporate Strategic Planning
    • Operational Workflow Analysis
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Project Management
    • Research and Special Projects
    • Documentation, Policy and Procedures

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    CAMS supports Commercial Loans and Real Estate Asset managers and investors.

  • Acquisition/Due Diligence
  • Management/Surveillance
  • Disposition/Special Servicing
  • Customizable Screens and Reports
  • Portfolio and investor Tracking

    RealBRIDGE Version 4.3. Read about its features

    RealBRIDGE models are based on your own Excel spreadsheets -- works for ANY Business or Industry.

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Allocations
  • Acquisition
  • Disposition
  • Due Diligence
  • Compensation

    Take Enterprise Excel Business Models to the next level...
    with RealBRIDGE.

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